WHEN ORDERING: Please be sure to modify the quantity on the checkout page.

TO ORDER BOXED CARDS: If you are ordering in increments of 10 cards OF THE SAME DESIGN, and would like them in boxes, click on "Boxes" on the Category Page, and indicate on the checkout page the quantity you need.

We are now able to handle orders TO BE BILLED by several methods:

   (1) Place order on-line and ask to be billed,
   (2) Choose from the on-line catalogue and send the order by      
       (a) mail with pre-payment or request to be billed,      
       (b) fax to be billed, (1-410-747-3321)      
       (c) e-mail to be billed, (     
       (d) phone (1-410-747-4104) from 10 - 11:45 am, 2 - 2:45 pm
                or 3:30  - 4:45 pm